Monday, December 24, 2007

Since I havent post much recently decided to post some of the pictures I took a year back before I packed them into carton boxes.

This picture below are some of the vintages I have, I bought a few more since but prices has soared so much after the movie. I just dont find myself as willing to pay for them anymore.

Maybe that might change.. we never know.

Nonetheless, I am truely happy to be a proud owner of a MISB Grand Maximus, MISB Victory Saber and of cos MIB unused Black Zarak. Overlord and God Ginrai.

Well the pretenders are not so impressive. But I have a complete collection of all 4 Pretenders.

My favourite being Metal Hawk and Lander (Mail away special making it a rare piece in the Japan market).
The BIG 4 decepticon, Trypticon, Scorponok, Black Zarak and Overlord.
Some Junior headmasters. Siren and Mineva being the rarest..

At one point I did own 2 Victory Saber giftset, One MISB and the other MIB unused. But I have since sold the latter away to make way for other things in life...

My favourite combiner Lio Kaizer.

Some cheaper recent released...


My cyberton display.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Revoltech Hot Rod and Starscream

This figures are not released not. But be sure that I am so gonna get them the first minute they are out.
No news yet as too when is the expected release date. But I am sure we don't have to wait for long.
I have mirrored some of the images I can find so far from the web. Lets drool.

Kaiyado's are such great sculpters that everything that comes out from them look exactly like their animated counter parts. And they 1st released

Their first character that came out from their collaboration with Takara on the Transformers line was none other the Optimus Prime. And was sculpt after Dreamwave's interpretation of him.
With Optimus prime out.. Megatron is never too far away.

These figures are so posable I even made 2 stop motion video out of them.