Saturday, February 23, 2008

Scaled down Fortess Maximus

Bought this when I was at a walking home from Work one day.

It took me a while to decide on this purchase. It cost about 8.9 SGD or about 5 USD.

Very cheap by Transformers standard, but I was thinking what good will this do to my collection. I already have the real thing. And its not that big either amongst my World Smallest Transformers ( Stands about 15cm)

This being a replica is very detailed, and pretty well made. Considering where they are coming from. But I suppose scaling this down from a 55cm Fortess Maximus does help with the details.

My only grouse is that there was a missing flap (Not shown here) behind those torso cannons.

You cant't fault me for not noticing it. its really not visible. And I dont suppose they did any QC with such toy.

Does look brilliant isn't it. From the pic, you prolly can't tell how small it is.

And of cos Cerebro, To "facilitate" in the transformation, you need to get the head out of the way. And no it doesnt transform. If it does it will be too good to be true isnt it?

And here's the back.
And you will ask, how do you attach the head onto the body? Well here's the twist.

Spark plug, I am not sure if thats the correct name for the smaller head. And given the size its pretty detailed. However, due to this it hinders the transformation. So Fortress Maximus can be transform completely into both his shuttle mode nor his Base mode.. But its not something I can't fix, when I have time.
Till then.. I am happy to have him in his Robot mode.

My latest purchase.

Been reading threads online about local hasbro sales and that there are tonnes for grab ranging
from toys in the Cybertron, Energon and even the Movies series.. and Even collector items
such as Alternator Miester, Wheekjack and Grimlock. And the Best I heard so far was Transformer Movie Master Piece Optimus Prime going at 50 SGD or about 35 USD.

Thats hell of a sale!! But along with such news we have friendly (maybe statisfied) Transformers Fans who reported about the madness and unleashed of raw human rage driven by greed and "hunger" of bargin hunter/ Fans, that practically rampage into carton boxes filled with toys (Contents unknown) hopeful to be the next person to walk away smiling with thier prized find/s. leaving with the rest filled with either envy or anger.

Frankly, there's so much good in this sales, I am tempted to join the brawl and rumble as well.
But now with a family, and time away from work so limited, I perfer to have my time better spent. Some sour grapes as you can sense. But in truth, what would a collector do with toys with boxes that have been rampage, torn and even tattered. When on normal occassion we see local collectors spending hours around a few boxes spotting for the least flawed piece.

Guess I have enough of the whining , here's what I've got recently. And many thanks to a great friend of mine knowing that I have no time to collect my stuff. Delivered the below to my humble home.

The long Awaited Skylynx along with company..

With Skylynx encore, I managed to collect all of Transformers Shuttles without having to burn a hole i my pocket.

Along with Skylnyx come other releases .. the Screen battle series from the Transformers Movie
I have only afford to get 2 of them;
1. Capture of Bumble bee
2. And the other one with Towline with Bumblebee ( I am so running out of place that I still have them keeping in my office)

And talking of the office, I recall, I still have Incinerator, Landmine and 2 x Masterpiece Megatrons still kept there.

Takara Exclusive Black Arcee, Now I am hoping to lay my hands on the G1 coloured Acree (Wonderfest exclusive) wonder how much its gonna cost me.
And finally Group Shot.
Oh the reason why i never mention about the Metroplex, its a replica.. Knockoff.. so not worth mentioning. haha..

Friday, February 01, 2008

My MISB G1 Scourge has arrived!!!

After weeks of waiting, Scourge finally arrive. And every side of it is worth the wait.
Colour is vibrant, sharp edges and no flab crease!!