Sunday, March 09, 2008

Transformers Animated Cyberton Optimus Prime.

This was the first time in Transformers that Optimus prime has a Cybertron and Earth mode with toys produced.

And of cos I am so looking forward to get my own. I seen it on various reviews and I just have to get it. I am a Prime Addict.

Tonnes of it can be found on on Ebay. There must be a serious leak.

Somehow it was interesting , that the animation was aready airring yet none of the toys can be found in retail.

This is so unusual, since the animation was usually used as a form of advertisment or publicity marketing for the toy line.

The only possible reason I could think of was of cos.. its was "officially" leaked.

On one hand, Hasbro is still milking on the toyline from the Movie.

On the other, they want to ride on the success of the movie and aim to capture the childern's attention and build a brand new market base.

In order not to dilute consumer spending capcity, These non-official releases foundd their way to the "market" to keep our interest high..

Ok enough of my Hypothesis. and bull Sh%t... Lets take a look at the toy itself.

When the news of Transformers Animated was first released by Hasbro, I was like..

What the hack is Hasbro thinking. This is a total crap.. in recent years American Animation has taken a serious dive. either they look like Japan Anime copycat.. or they are so stylized that makes you think that animators in the 80s are all dead.

And it all started with Powerpuff girls , and spongebob. next. yucks.. its tasteless humor.

But When i see the Toys from the animation. Oh perhaps it was South Park...

Having said that, I was impressed how the toys look., Optimus Prime looks like he jumped right out from the animation. For the first time He redefine Anime-accurate.

And Cybertron Optimus Prime is a "living" example, along the rest in this toyline.

Again, I have to make myself clear. I really take my hats of the Japanese designers for making this happened. And Curse the currunt animation culture. If Walt Disney is still alive he will be so disappointed. Man.. Just give me G1 animation.

Ok the toys. Standing about 4 inches or 14cm. Prime was small. Even bumble bee from the same assortment has bigger head. of cos you can never talk about scale in Transformers. Despite the animation. Prime looks asthetically good. Huge Torso, big arms and broad chest. Your typical American Action hero.

So much so he reminds me of He-man. (My Orginal He-man was embeded inside my Storeroom so apolgoies for not providing a more suitable comparision.)
A picture speaks more than a thousand words,

Complete with Axe and Shield, I know the designer would have Thrown in a Sword if they could find a way to fit into the transformation.

Bottom line, Optimus Prime has taken on He-man to be the most Powerful Bot in the universe. (well the animation says otherwise.)

Back view. of Prime. Man for a moment you will even doubt if this thing could transform.
Again Kudos to the Japanese.

With this you really have to think if there is something they cannot make.

And the side. No More shell formers YEAH!!! For the first time Prime really looks sexy.

He is so posable. Toys from Animated Batman and Superman ought be thrown into the bin.

He is just so nice and easy to play with.


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