Saturday, February 23, 2008

Scaled down Fortess Maximus

Bought this when I was at a walking home from Work one day.

It took me a while to decide on this purchase. It cost about 8.9 SGD or about 5 USD.

Very cheap by Transformers standard, but I was thinking what good will this do to my collection. I already have the real thing. And its not that big either amongst my World Smallest Transformers ( Stands about 15cm)

This being a replica is very detailed, and pretty well made. Considering where they are coming from. But I suppose scaling this down from a 55cm Fortess Maximus does help with the details.

My only grouse is that there was a missing flap (Not shown here) behind those torso cannons.

You cant't fault me for not noticing it. its really not visible. And I dont suppose they did any QC with such toy.

Does look brilliant isn't it. From the pic, you prolly can't tell how small it is.

And of cos Cerebro, To "facilitate" in the transformation, you need to get the head out of the way. And no it doesnt transform. If it does it will be too good to be true isnt it?

And here's the back.
And you will ask, how do you attach the head onto the body? Well here's the twist.

Spark plug, I am not sure if thats the correct name for the smaller head. And given the size its pretty detailed. However, due to this it hinders the transformation. So Fortress Maximus can be transform completely into both his shuttle mode nor his Base mode.. But its not something I can't fix, when I have time.
Till then.. I am happy to have him in his Robot mode.


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