Tuesday, November 06, 2007

He's got the Touch..He is Hot and he is back.

After years of absence from the Transformers Scene. HOT ROD is back, bigger and better than before.
Rodimus Assembly.

He is Hot but he is Cool, the fury race car transform into a dashing young Punk as Kup has called him in the 1st Transformer movie in 1987.
Now let us take a journey through time to see how he has transformed.

In the movie Hot Rod evolved to become the older but wiser Rodimus prime after he lit the darkest hour of the Transformers with the matrix.

Hot Rod was later rename Hot Rodimus as hasbro has lost the copyright to his name.
Lets take a look at Hot Rod ( I still like to call him that) across generations.

On your left we have the very first HOT ROD. though lacks in articulations, his handsome face was enough to make this toy a wonderful display piece. It was re-issued 3 times. After the first version, a target master version was soon released after, making him a top marks man.

And 12 years after, in the 15th anniversary of Transformer he was re-issued as a commemorative figure. this was how it re-kindle my interest in TRANSFORMERS.

I was at Clark Quay on sunday, my first time there actually . (We used to have a flea mart there a heaven to search for things of the past and bring back lots of nostalgia: sadly it has become a place of nostalgia itself. )

And the one in the Middle was actually my own custom from Galaxy force Excellion. He has many features that ressemble that of Hot Rod. The designers has clearly created this design based on the original HOT ROD with panelling that are loyal to its orignal design. I still wonder why they hasn't name him the same.

And lastly on the right. Classic HotRod, he was an all round improvement to his G1 Counterpart except his face sculpt. It made him look really sad. Perhaps it has something to do with the size of the face. I really detest it. His head also lacks articulation which i desire.

Nonetheless, I still like it alot.

World Smallest Transformers Hot Rod
World Smallest Transformers VS. Micro Master Hot Rod

Light our darkest hour......

G1 Rodimus Prime VS Titanium Rodimus prime.

Transform... For more pics of Titanium Rodimus please go here.

PVC Metaverse Rodimus Prime.

Until next time.. Till all are one....


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