Saturday, September 01, 2007

Featuring my favourite purchase of the week.
Bought quite a few stuffs lately.
1. MP-06
2. Voyager Optimus pime
3. Long Arm
4. Transformers Movie G1 Jazz (Redeco)
5. Transformers Movie G1 Starscream (redeco and retool)
7. BT- Electro Disruptor Rujin
8. And my most anticipated CMS MMS Dia Atlas.

Finally I got something the rest of the world are not buying.. CMS Dia Atlas. I will be talking more about it in my Next post.
Lately, everyone seems to be collecting Transformers. there was no exclusivity anymore. About 2 years back, a lot of Transformers collectors seems to lost interest in Transformers and wew talking about quiting. ( I almost gave up too) How things have change in just a few months. With the announcement of Transformers Movie. Fans were filled with anticipation. And when images of the Transformer movie characters were reveal. The movie was faced with so much critisium many fans thought it would be a flop and wanted to boycott the movie.
But when the movie is out. Michael Bay has his last laugh. While Hasbro executives would no longer need botox as their facial muscles must has been numb smiling.
BT18. Rujin, BT at one point was only selling at 1500 yen.. How the world of Transformers has change.. I have to pay 150 for BT 18 and 180 for BT 17.

I could not even buy an extra piece of open it out.... So you guys can only see the box.


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