Friday, April 04, 2008

Chevrolet Aveo Autobot SWERVE

Never thought I could own this given that they were originally available for Chevrolet car buyers
and I am not intending to get one ....

But here it is.... Packaging:

Comes in a seal baggy. Hope it will be carded but who cares..
Both side of the Aveo Swerve was protected by Plastic tray.

Car Mode:
Paint job is good. Better that your average voyager line.

It might apear simple but its truely "more than meets the eye", the Transforming sequence is pretty unique and I have seen something quite like the same before especially for the legs..
Nice touch here. I couldn't put it better in words.. So I urge you guys to go get it and try it yourself..

Robot mode:
Aveo Swerve Robot mode has pretty good proportion and packed with articulation you would wanted in most Transformers. Very nice arm and fist too. The fist are open and does not seem to be able to hold any weapons not that he has any.
Head and neck: Due to its unique design he can tilt his head all the way up (90 degree)
And he can even "stretch" his head forward thanks to the movable neck (something you won't usually see in most Transformers figures)
Arm: Ball jointed, You can the arm 360 degrees about the Torso and you can more sideways as well.
Twistable waist.
Legs appear short to me, but with Knee joint, twistable Ankle, Aveo has one of the best lets for the Voyager class.

Apologies for the poor review.. I will try to take more pics a while later.. to do justice to this wonderful piece.
Here's a clip I found on Youtube.


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how much ? ... i'll buy it from you... if interested in selling email me..


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