Friday, January 02, 2009

Master of the Universe : He-Man Return again.

Yes, The strongest Man of the Univese has return yet again, this time under the line

Master of the Universe Classic. True to it's name he is almost like the He-man we know in the 80s only he is bigger, bulkier, heavier and packed with more articulation.

He-Man, was the very first offical " Favourite Toy" He was my favourite toys for several years until MASK came along. Holding this He-Man in my hands was like dream come through. I have travelled back time. Yes, he almost look like his original counterpart. 2008 Mattel relaunches the franchise in a whole new model, this time very conservatively.
With King Greyskull as a SDCC exclusive. He was selling like hotcakes. Come packed in one of the most special package. The box fold into Castle Grey Skull, and when the door open. It will activate both light and sound.
Shouting " I have the Power" followed by flashes of blue lights mimicking lightings. Definately a must have for all Master of the Universe fans.
Check video below.

In package picture. King Grey Skull was introduced 2002 Master of the universe animation. And for the first time, explain how He-man has his power and how did Castle Grey Skull comes about. I would strongly recommend fans to try watch it if possible.

He-man spot a darker skin tone.

I spent hours fiddling with it. He might not have all the articulation you would wish to have. But sufficient to pose him in most of his signature pose.
By the Power of Grey Skull ......

I have the power. ....

I totally digg this figure. Having said that I still like the 2002 sculpt. And certainly my favourite He-man line. Too bad. Mattel had not given them much articulation to keep cost low..

Coorporate. Don't you just hate them.


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Have you heard about the guy who paid $1m on ebay for a collection of transformers? I'm trying to find him for a feature and thought you might have heard of him.



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