Friday, January 18, 2008

Transformers the Movie DVD Lawson Exclusive Blackout.

This is truly More Than Meets The Eyes. I never expect it tom come in a Carton box of its own.

Nothing was printed on it. Nothing to hint what were contained within.Open the box to see the back of Blackout.

The package was like that of any of those in the mass release. Nothing special.

Extracting it from the carton box, reveal something more refreshing.. The paint job was far better than I ever expected. And comes with more than I have asked for..

1. Lawry Exclusive repaint Blackout.

2. DVD 2-discs . With Embross cover. Certainly a pleasent surprise.

3. A pair of Pin ( Autobot and Decepticons insignia) What could be more appropriate?

4. Spy Changer Optimus prime with Movie repaint..

All of a Sudden, the 190 Sgd price tag no longer feel that expensive, albeit the fact that its the single most expensive DVD I've ever bought.DVD 2 discs special with embossed cover. Simple yet fabulous.
Transformers Pin. Very nicely packaged. This pins could not look any better elsewhere other than where are as above.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Its been a while since I posted my recent Transformers purchase.

Bought a few stuff lately and really happy with the haul.

First Premium limited Metalic finish Movie Voyager Megatron.
This has been out for while, never really keen to get it. But saw it in
and decided to get it.

It really looks much better than the orginall release. For those who is still can't if they should get it? Well you should.!!

Bought a few Vintages lately after a long haitus. Prices for Vintages are simply untouchables.
I almost give up hope collecting them.

But lately, after Buying MISB Sky Garry and Blacker from Victory series.. I am being drawn into the Black hole once again.

I got myself a MIB unused Road King, my Masterforce collection is finally completed.

In addition, I just bought a MISB G1 Scourge online, I am so looking forward to own it....

Please check back for pictures.