Friday, March 27, 2009

Popbox Movie Optimus Prime electronic bust
It has been a long while since i post new updates, I am still buying all the regular release but never felt so compelled to post until my recent addition. I been really wanting to get this. Its been along time I wanted to get a Transformer item so much. I have been ploughing through ebays and searching the web. But it just seems so hard to get my hands on one. And of cos at 280 sgd, I just cant bear to part my money with in the recently uncertainly of the economy. Nonetheless, I decide to bit the bullet and go with my heart and shut my brain off. (thats usually the case anyway).
Ok enough of the crap. Lets get to the Optimus Prime himself. Comes in a "Crystal case" box. To showcase the full gory of this Masterpiece.

Its easy to remove him out of the box. No messy wires from the regular Hasbro/ Takara releases. This i must emphasize is a licensed product.

The bust is "transformable" you can decide to display him both in Normal mode and Battle mode. Frankly, I think he has really ugly mouth.. So prefer to have his mouth piece on. but the detailing of the mouth is mindblowing. The manufacturer claim that the entire bust is made out of 40 seperate pieces. Very well sculpt looks mechical and adds lots of depth to it than your regular bust figure.
Apart from all the details to muse about it comes with electronic functions!!! it has light sensitive LED eyes which gets brighter as surrounding gets darker. Check out the video clip.

Its has also a voice recording function that allow you to record your favourite line by our dearest Peter Cullen.. This function I felt was over hype cause you can only record for about 2min of audio and you have only one track. And the original one gets over written when you record a new clip.

As you can see, it is perfect all round. Every parts come together and fit seamlessly. Giving a very mechanical feel.. And made up of diecast and ABS plastic adds weight to the bust ...
I have not found anything I dislike about this..

As you can see the the detailings are mind blowing. The Dial on the side is turnable like the movie. Its a pity i does turn automatically. That would have been given it a "Mech alive" touch to it.

Battle mode.. Face shield on.. The way I like it.......

This is certainly one of my price collection. Not extremely expensive. but truely monumental. my personal celebration to the 25th anniversay of Transformers.
The center piece of my collection.

For some reason, the recent releases seems pale by comparision to the bust. I am not as excited with MP-08 Grimlock which is still sitting in my boot after buying it.. Oh.. SMS just arrive ... Henki Hot Shot, Dinobots and Minibots has just arrived.. I am so so broke..


At 9:54 AM, Blogger Akiwatari Kai Nyceiqueagkiz said...



Hakimah here ne~ U_U
maybe u forgot... Nothing to do.. so rolling about the internet. XD

your collection still more than mine. Haha.

A.K.NyDL Novae

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Bonita said...

Hi i realy like you Optimus Prime Head Were can i get one I have over 100 of Optimus Prime toys still new!! But i love your Optimus Prime coleters Head I go by: Mrs. Optimus Prime. I also have a myspace it is Mrs.Bonita Prime (Optimus Prime's Wife) or Bonita Prime if you can look me up. Mrs. Optimus Prime out.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Bonita said...

Oh to let you Konw I am Deeply In love with Optimus Prime SO Sorry Ladys HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 2:42 PM, Blogger optimusprimeswife said...

i still want to know whare you got your Optimus Prime Head at....i whant one i love it..........Mrs. Optimus Prime out...Oh i love it it's beautiful........i whant one..

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Mrs.OptimusPrime said...

I still would like to know whare I can get one of my own, I really want one.

Plaese let me know my friend.


At 11:59 PM, Blogger Nick Brown said...

Sooo Cuteeeeeee
Transformers Games


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