Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tribute to BumbleBee From Zero to Hero..
I must admit, I am not much of a bumblebee fan, never really like him.. find him a sidekick, a little cute perhaps to catch some of the female fans. If you ask any girl or my era if they know Transformers. they would say.. yeah , I rem the yellow car.. Was it Bumblebee?

And he was back with a vengence last year. Still cute but better, in Suzuki Swift. Its a pity he never made it to the Binatech lines. Curse you Volkswagen, Bad decision for not allowing

Takara work on him. (I still have a model kit on VW beatle in my store. Just can't find the time to work on him.

Let me tell you, just lost 2 buyers (My bro and I) under normal circumstances I would never buy a beatle. Being bumble bee could be the only exception and that alone could be convincing.
Too bad.

But my bro has always been a fan, And so for his sake, and of cos being a Transformers fan, I try to get one of each incarnation when ever possible. (And he is still sore that we dont have pretender bumble bee. Gold Bug and action master Bumblebee although... I would rather not have the last unless it was dirt cheap or someone has to kill me unless I buy him. But the fate on bumblebee has changed from a Cute harmless character to a Must buy for everyone in town who has just stepped out of a Transformers movie.
Girls, boys kids alike.. I want Bumblebee. I had such a tough time hunting him down.

In the movie, You can wittness how Bumblebee transit from being a piece of crap to a sleek mean.. Camero. And the toys did just that. In the Toy the 1974 muscle car was looks really good

And thanks to Takara he was given clear window. (Hasbro the American capitalist mindset and cost saving measures decided that we dont deserve that) Depicted below is Hasbro's version. I bought it.. an regret it. If I were you i will hunt for a Takara's 1974 version.

But you just can't say the same in the robot mode. The 08 camero was movie accurate and could achive most of the dynamic pose in the Promotional posters.. while the 74 camero transform into a stick robot.. Yucks..

How check out the Cool 08 Camero. Bumble bee. Go get it. if you havent.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Putting my extra Bumble bee on sale.

I have hunted for him high an low. And my bro managed to find an extra one for me.

But I am putting him up on ebay. Interested buyers. Please bid for it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You saw it in the movie, the producer didnt know its coming.
I just have to make my own. The Blade on Prime's arm

Robovision Prime is really great of display. Yeah he might be pale in paint job but nothing I can't fix. For now.. He will has to stay "original" until I find more time to make him Movie accurate.
As for the blade. I have explored the arm, and it would be possbile to do a retractable one.
Till then he stays this way.

My purchase of the day.

Never thought I am going to get any Transformers today. It was my normal working day
and it was already close to 9pm. when I receive a call from my good Pal Nigel.
And there I was complaining that all those posts on the forum, eaching declaring themselves
the next proud owner of 2008 Bumblebee. I was devastated.

But Nigel the bearer of light. He lighted my darkest hour and point me to a new direction, I won't have explored.

In the next few minutes I made one of the most important call of the day. ( I spoke to so many Clients today talking about load of values. None was as important as this)

And the best thing is, I managed to get 2 Bumblebees!!!! And one of them goes to Nigel.!!!!
Thanks bro.
On the side note, I told someone about where to get Bumblebee yesterday. And was hoping that he could help me get one too.. but he told me he only have money for one..
True coloured revealed... really sadden when I see his message.