Sunday, April 15, 2007

DC Direct 13" Superman Classic
Look, Its Lazerbeak! Its Starscream! No its Superman.
Yes, Superman. He is not a transformers and he shouldn't be in this blog.
And in fact I hardly buy any other toys other than Transformers. This is exceptional (Of cos this is not the first time) LOL.
On a trip to a local flea mart 3 weeks ago. I set my eyes on This Superman. My childhood hero.
There have been tonnes of Superman figures in the market, However, DC directly has been a little disappointing. The 2 Superman figures DC direct 13" ( i.e. Superman Return and Superman (with Clark Kent outfit) ust didn't have what it takes to convince me to . I missed out on HOT TOYS Superman return. Everyone has been saying that he looks really good. But I don't really think that he has the right figure to do Brandon Ruth justice.
I am really hoping that TAKARA has one in the making.
Until then I am really happy with DC Direct 13" inch Superman Classic. On first look at the cover. It does have a little resemblence with THE SUPERMAN Christopher Reeves. On closer look, his out fit looks great and he has the hunky figure to carry it.

The suite is really well made, stretchable and yet don't cause the joints to spring back. Allowing Superman to hold in the pose I want him to.

Up up and away....... Faster than a Speeding Bullet.
I am not good with words. Let the picts do the talking. DC direct Superman Classic, the superman all fans must get.

And till I find more time to play with my Superman. Enjoy the pics again LOL...


At 2:10 AM, Blogger Shaun Wong said...

Nice pix, thanks for sharing. did you have a problem finding one with a suitable insignia? The ones I bought had the insignia placed too low.


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