Sunday, December 03, 2006

This is really an exciting time for Tranformers collectors
After a short haitus post galaxy force era, there was no news on new toyline, Binatech has dwindle to some Hentai bundle toy, and gone again was die cast manufacturing. Transformers book collection has stopped too..
Future was bleak for Transformers fans, And images that leaked from the upcoming movies received mixed comments, I personally dont like the look of them. And there is no real trailer to
to prove otherwise.
There was nothing much to look forward too until............ until Classics ROLL OUT!!!
Everyone of them stay true to their G1 counterparts carrying both toy and animation incarnation. Except for Prime who's face fast is a little short from expectation. And mirage suffers from Cerebral sizure due to his shrinking head. the rest pretty much live up to thier expectation or better.

Finally Megatron and Optimus prime can look at each other in the EYE, they are almost the same height. Yeah!!.. After so many versions of both leaders and various toylines, Hasbro finally realise that they should aleast be equal. Megatron often suffers from dwafism until Galaxy force, when Takara decide to give Megatron more plastic to match that of prime.

Will spare decision maker further critism in this post, since they have done a pretty decent job for Classics and if you havent heard of it the Next Masterpiece is gonna be Megatron. Another pat on the shoulder Takara. Thanks for giving the collectors some light. Please light our darkest hour..

Hot Rod and Daniel, (Daniel was from the SCF collection that comes with Arcee. ) Apologise for the poor picture quality. Will take a better shot of them when I settle them into their own display cabinet.
Another shot of Hotrod and Daniel. I am really puzzled, they have spent great effort to remake Hot rod, paying much homage to his G1 counter. Why can't they give him a better head sculpt? The mouth was simply a dash of 2 lines.. Where did the handsome face of the G1 Counter part go? The face he was famous for? I will attempt to redo my own face up when I manage to find time. Do Check it out here.
However, I must admit that it is really a great toy and I thank hasbro for bring Hot Rod back in Style. And along with all the G1 Heros. Thumbs up for the designers and engineers involved.


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