Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Huge updates on Transformers Movie

Is that a Decepticon, What was the alternate mode of Megatron again? A Tank i would risk guessing. Wow I cant wait for The Transformers Movie.

From what Jay has posted, this set to be one of the biggest disaster movie in 2007, with pedestrians running frantically.. Car overturned and smashing into one another. I could imagine the chaos the decepticons are causing, Stomping and flipping any automobile along the way. Perhaps in the effort to force the autobot out of their disguise..( reminiscing scene in Masterforce)

And he was semi suspended by the use of a Crane. I would speculate that He is probably like Huge puppet with Cranes to maneuver his movement. That should applies to all other Transformers characters in the movie.
Huge updates on the Transformers Movie , Thanks to Jay from he has just posted a huge load of updates on the movie with close up on the "depressing Bumblebee."

Remember to check up the movie clips here


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