Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Takara interview (translation)
The Track to Binaltech Creation

On the Eve of the New Development
Among the numerous Transformer toylines, Binaltechs stand out prominently thanks to their realistic appearance and complicated designs. From their initial release in 2003 to today, a wide range of products have been released. Yet, despite being more expensive than other toys, the line has maintained impressive sales figures.During developement of the new series, there were some conflicts of interest, yet gradually they settled on a single course of action: The decision to obtain licenses from actual automobile manufacturers, complicated transformations never before imagined, and a set of characters to go with them. We asked those employees of Takara if they would tell us about these various factors as well as the origin of the series, the events that transpired, the hardships of development and the production of the toyline.

- Takara Inc., Aoto, Tokyo, December 27, 2004.


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