Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Its been a while , I post anything on this blog since its creation. I have committed too much time an effort to work on my Victory Saber Custom . Now that I have more or less completed it, I can take some pictures of my Transformers collection.

My favourite transformers series of all time must be MASTERFORCE. and as you will see in the near future, most of my customs are inspired by this series.

But my first post of my collection will have to go to the BINATECHS or Alternators, they are in my opinion the best Transformers toys every built. Intricatedly designed, perfected form in both Robot and Vehicle mode. Staying Faithful to every Car it was mold after be it Honda Intergra, Dodge Viper, Subaru Impreza, Fort Mustang, Wrangler Jeep.. and the list goes on.. Every piece a work of art, a master piece. With each faithful to the actual scale and proportion. Its truely a Transformers colllector's dream. If you haven't heard of it you are missing out alot.

And if you haven't seen it, I am sorry for you. LOL

Ok joke a side, but I have to emphasize that its really a must have for both a Transformers collector and a car lover, because its a good as buying 2 items for the price of one.

Its a pity, Takara has stopped making them in Die cast Iron parts. So anyone who wish to get get your hands on them. DO IT NOW before its gone.

If you noticed the ARCEE figure sitting there, I have to informed you that she does not belong to the official toy line, its a custom-made fully transformerable resin Figure. from Rapid Squirrel Production. More pictures of Acree can be seen at my Custom site. (Do check it out. you will see some of my personal customs.)

And the 2 white robots are from Robotech/ Macross. non-takara product. A Truely masterpiece as well. Want to know more about them? Leave a comment. I will provide more details and pictures.



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