Sunday, October 01, 2006

Takara Interview.

It is to me, that the designers, sculpter sand the guys behind transformation sequence of each Transformer Character that earn my utmost respect. They are to me the real genius. Of cos Character creation breath life to each characters. However, in the Binatech / Alternator Toyline. It was solely the Toy Designs that win the hearts of many Tranformers collectors. And introduced the world of Transformers to those who previously thought that they are only toys for the kids in the 80s.

Binatechs / Alternators have been such a wonderful line that it becomes one of the most popular and long lasting toylines ever. First introduced in 2002 it has enjoyed immense success and remain to be one of the most sort after Transformers. And we remain to be one of the most anticipated toyline.

Takara used to release them with Die Cast parts ( Yes, Die Cast when most those that it was a lost technology) However, this was no longer the case when Tomy Took over.. YES, Tomy is destroying Transformers .................

We let us go back to the God Old Days

A couple of years back, a wonderful book called the Complete guide to Binatech was released at the Peak of its' popularity. Unfortunately it was in Japanese. A kind soul translates one of the most important interview (in my opinion) in Transformers history to English making it comprehensive and informative. In this article we were given insights to the path of Binatech creations and many more. And I would share this article with those who are interested, missed it or those who wish to read it all over again.

As it is a long article, I will post them over several days.


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