Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome to my "Mini collection"

They might be small but they are good.. This is one case where size doesn't matter. Thanks to their petite sizes. we can packed them in small areas. Despite, thier sizes they are packed with great playability. And since they are small they look really exqusite. If you guys have been missing out. Try to get your hands on them. Their transformation greatly reflects that of their Original G1 counterparts.
The World smallest dinobots you seen here even when they are not authentic. I must say they are really good. They sure carry qualities of one. They are so well done. They deserve a post onf thier own, I should do it over the next few days. Be sure to check it out.
* disclaimer, I am not endorsing thier product neither do they pay me any commission but they are so good. I am proud and happy owner, Authentic or not. Why didn't Hasbro or Takara has such senses?

A glimpse of my Micromaster and minicon collections. Always like to have a huge pack of them.. like a whole pack of army ready for battle..

My little Cybertron I created sometime back but I have to demolish it to give space to my other collection. One day when I manage to find more space, Cybertron will be back, bigger and better.
And here's my vesion of scambled city.. I know its pathetic.. there is simply no space for the rest. I got these Knock offs combiners, Can say much for their playablilty but they sure are nice display pieces if you spend some effort touching up. If I manage to find some time, I am gonna repaint them and perhaps custom alittle to improve they articulation.


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