Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Tribute to HOT ROD and Rodimus Prime

The 2nd half of 2006 was a really a year of G1 revisit. Hasbro finally did Rodimus justice, Optimus prime has seen may reincarnations while Hot Rod A.ka Hot Rodiums and Rodimus Prime was mostly forgotten until he returns as a tow truck in Superlink/ Energon.
However, he was pretty ugly in my opinon..
In the year 2o05, Galaxyforce a.ka. known as Cyberton series in US and most part of the world. a character named hot shot was created and much of it was in the shadow of Hot Rod but that was never offical. So I did a custom Hot Rod using Hot Shot mold anyway (as can be seen above) I am sure everyone can see a resemblance.

I guess the designers and some of the decision Makers sense that many fans are really missing HOT ROD and RODIMUS.. so this year we see 3 Hot Rods/ Rodimus prime released this year
1st we have Kiss player Hot Rodimus. Seen below.

Next we have classic Hotrod which has become a hot favourite among collectors. I really love this figure myself I am overall pretty satisfied with all of Classic Hot Rod except for his face.

I mean with all these effort to recreate HOT ROD why can you guys give him a better face? He is afterall the most Dashing robot in Cybertron.

Good thing the sculpter for Titanium Rodimus prime has better sense than the former. I am sure most will agree. Well, let the pictures speaks for themselves.

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