Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My friend has been complaining that I have been updating my site frequent enough.. which is true of cos. So i decide to showcase my Transformers book collection. This is one of my favourite series. It bring back hope for a lot of TF collectors to once again own some of the G1 characters without having to pay a king randsom for it. Like all good thing it has got to come to and end.. after 21 re-issues Takara merged with Tomy and we see the end of a promising line.

Bring it back Tomy.. I am still waiting for my dinobots and lots of G1 cars are still not release. Someone give me my Sun steaker and Wheel jack... and so much more..

Among collector we soon realise that what we originally thought as a cheap alternative to G1 vintages soon see a soar in price for several pieces such as "TFC 0" Optimus prime
Soundwave, star scream, and minibots.. And for those who wish to own some of these.. wonderful colleciton. I am putting up my extras for sale. Please visit.


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