Sunday, January 28, 2007

Behold!! The arrival of Jet Fire, 21 years in the making. Due to license issue, The original Jet fire has to go through cosmetic changes before appearing in the animation. Thoough it bear teh resemblance of in Toy counterpart. It was substantially "transformed" to look really different from each other.

Through the years, Jetfire has offen appears in many lines of Transfomers, Everytime there is a Plane in the autobot team, he will be named jet fire for better or worst.
But most too most fans.. they are hardly the JetFire they knew.

Finally, Hasbro got the fomular right. They are all out to please the fans this time. they made the Jetfire a hybrid of the original toy and the animated counter part.

Other than the nose cone of Jet fire, he is one dashing fighter Jet. Almost at f-14 Tomcat the plane the original Jetfire was based on. However, to strike a balance between the animated counter part and its alternate mode, the areodynamic of the Jet -mode has to be discounted.
Having said that, I still love the way he looks.Make a guess where will the nose cone be in the robot mode?

A tribut to the original toy. It has even similar feet like that of the original, however, shaped to match the contempory designs of today's fighther jet. A hint of Steath.
Slim aerodynamic design, really putting the Movie Starscream to shame (he has too much access bagage in his under carriage.)
Another tribute to the original toy. Comes with "strike pack" with deployable cannons


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