Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's been a long time since I feel compelled to take pictures for my collection. Over the last few months Takara Tomy and Hasbro suddenly realise that they have been neglecting the Decepticons in the Binatech/ Alternator series, previously all the Decepticons releases are usually repaints with a new face/ head. I dont even bother to open them.

Soon after the release of Ravage, in just 1 month Rumble was released (End of Feb 07). Ever so compelled to open them I fight the temptation. Cause.. they dont have anyone to lead them.
Takara/Tomy never fail to satisfy the "needs" of their longing fans. Soon after the release of Masterpiece Starscream, picture of Megatron begin to surface. He is one masterpiece that every TF fans have been waiting for since MP Optimus prime. I am sure prime himself was feeling lonely.

It was a long foreplay. from MP-02 to MP-04, But the wait is well worth it.

I've read some reviews of MP megatron that aren't so positive. I do admit that some of the parts of megatron are sure to fall out. But I dont see how could be more ingenius way of designing this masterpiece. While I am not going to do a review on him ( with so many on the web already I am just going to post some pictures megarton and the rest of those that have been waiting for him.

Friends and Foe.

The fight that every fan has been waiting for. The MASTERPIECE VSX.


Optimus: Feels good Megatron? I would've waited an eternity for this.

Lets take a look at ravage. While he might be a little different from other Binatechs./ Alternators.
1. He doesnt transform into the robot mode.
2. In his alternate mode (Car) the front wheels doesnt swerve from left to right.
3. And there was already a previous incarnation of Ravage (retooled of Tracks)

Now to Rumble, he is shorter than the average binatech/Alternators. And the transformation is far simpler than any of those I have transformed. So is Ravage. Transfomation for both are pretty straightforward.


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